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Speaking at the CMSEO2017 Conference

I’ve always thought public speaking was a pretty fun thing to do.

Only problem is, never usually had anything to speak about. Luckily, since becoming a content marketer things have changed pretty significantly in that department. I’ve been able to speak to a few audiences now. While I haven’t been a mainstage keynote speaker (yet), I have spoken in front some “largeish” crowds.

Below is me speaking at the CMSEO2017 event. My buddy Matt Diggity threw it on in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where 500 SEOs descended on the small mountain town. It was nuts.

Here’s the video from my speech, which was a lead-up speech to the actual conference at the Food4Thought cafe. I believe there was right around 100 or maybe more in this crowd. This was a while ago and my memory is terrible haha. Still, thought it would be cool to share here.

As time goes on, I’m looking to personally refine my ability to speak through ToastMaster groups and practice. One of my dreams back in my old oil days was one day speaking in front of crowds about business and marketing, and now I’m actually doing it. Pretty amazing stuff and still really surreal for me.

Hope you enjoyed the speech… that is if anyone is strangely enough on this blog for some reason reading it 😛

(You must love me, as I have done nothing to promote this thing)

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