Who is Gregory Elfrink?


professional photo

My serious writer self on display here. I’m much goofier than this picture allows. 🙂

Years ago, I bought the domain name GreginMotion.com as part of a dream of mine. I wanted to be traveling the world, living off the internet, and writing full time.

Well, I was about four years too early.

After grinding out in the wild tundras of Alaska as an oil field grunt, I have since achieved my childhood dreams. I am a writer, I am a traveler, and I work online. I’m not a full fledged entrepreneur, but I’m pretty close in having the second best thing where I am a location independent content manager/marketer. This blog has had many re-dos and false starts.

Hopefully, that will change now.

I won’t be just talking about internet marketing on here, but also my personal journey, insights into life and maybe even some fiction (my true passion). Whatever this site becomes, hopefully it helps you on whatever journey you’re on. And hopefully it helps me with my own goals with continuing to push myself to achieve greater things online.

Enjoy the blog (or don’t, I won’t be annoyed either way!)