Who is Gregory Elfrink?

Years ago, I bought the domain name GreginMotion.com as part of a dream of mine. I wanted to be traveling the world, living off the internet, and writing full time.

Well, I was about four years too early.

After grinding out in the wild tundras of Alaska as an oil field grunt, I have since achieved my childhood dreams. I am a writer, I am a traveler, and I work online as a content manager and marketing manager for Empire Flippers.

I’m not really into doing much in the make money online space, ironically that’s the space I actually work in over at EF. But I view that as cool and awesome, since we change peoples lives with the businesses they buy or sell. This blog is about is just about random thoughts, my meanders, observations of nothings and somethings, poetic ramblings or some monologue on business I learn.

I don’t think there is a lot of great info out there on content marketing. There is a TON of info on it, but it mostly sucks. So as I learn more stuff about my trade, might share that with you guys.

Don’t really expect to get many readers, but if you’re one of them… watch out.

I’ll probably promote some marketing tool I use to make money off you eventually. Of course, since I don’t use many tools and just use mainly mainstream ones, you probably already have it. Remember, you CAN cancel those accounts and sign up under my affiliate link. ALWAYS buy the annual package too 😉 haha.

Alright, catch yah later.