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Gregory Elfrink is a freelance copywriter, SEO, marketer. He reads marketing blogs obsessively, and enjoys experimenting with new revenue producing strategies. He also offers his writing & SEO services to other marketers or business owners looking to expand their digital presence.”

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Fast Turn Around Press Releases

Press releases are a fantastic way to build authoritative, relevant backlinks to your website. The tragedy is, few online writers actually know how to write a press release. You can check my press release writing service here. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and typically the turn around time is less than 24 hours.


High Quality SEO Content Writer

If you have ever attempted to outsource your SEO content before, you’ve probably ran into this problem before. The content might be “okay” for the search engines, but they totally tank when it comes to actually converting real humans into customers and buyers. That is because most cheap SEO content writers write like robots. I appease both audiences, while keeping the price of content low. Check out my SEO content writing service packages here.

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Copywriting Services

SEO is one thing, but what about all the OTHER forms of content marketing that exists outside of traffic you get from Google? This is where the true value of hiring a practiced copywriter can really pay off. Think things like: sales letters, email marketing campaigns, sales scripts, direct mail, ebooks etc. All powerful forms of content marketing. Yet, if you are not writing your words in a way that creates a strong sales narrative… you’re missing the boat (and the profits) completely. Click here for my copywriting services.


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